What to Look for in Commercial Real Estate

If you’re lucky enough to own a home, then you probably already know that buying property can be tricky. At its best, buying property can be confusing, and at its worst, it can be downright frustrating. Now imagine that process, but compounded to take into account not just your wants and needs, but the success of your livelihood as well. That’s what buying commercial property can be like. Here at NAI Isaac, we understand that the process of buying commercial property can be intimidating, which is why we were here to help. Keep reading to learn what to look for in commercial real estate near Lexington, KY.

Type of Property

If you’re an outdoorsman, you probably wouldn’t choose to live in the middle of a dense city, just as you probably wouldn’t choose a home in a remote area dozens of miles from any neighbors if you’re a social butterfly. These same kinds of questions apply when search for commercial real estate as well. Consider the type of business you own and what its needs are when you are looking for property. If you need to manufacture or store a large amount of product, you are likely going to need a space that looks very different from someone who only needs to set up a small storefront. Similarly, certain types of commercial spaces have legal requirements on them, such as environmental liabilities or noise restrictions, that can place limits on where you can set up shop, so take these things into consideration before you sign.

Potential Structural Issues

Just as you would hire an inspector to assess a home you are thinking of purchasing to see if there are any structural issues you would need to address, we strongly suggest hiring someone qualified to check out your commercial real estate before you make a commitment to it. Commercial spaces often receive more wear and tear than homes because of the frequent movement of people and products, as well as potential issues that may arise from things like manufacturing or food production. If you are looking for a space that will be a home for your business and not a temporary refuge, you will want to make sure it is ready to withstand the toll of running a business.

Everything Else

No matter how many blog posts you read about buying commercial real estate, there are sure to be things that you miss. Because of this, we cannot recommend strongly enough that you work with commercial real estate experts as you try to navigate the trick waters of buying a space for your business. Luckily, NAI Isaac is just the team of commercial real estate experts that you need to make sure this journey is smooth sailing for you and your team.
To learn more about what to look for in commercial real estate near Lexington, KY, contact NAI Isaac today! We are conveniently located in Lexington, KY, but we also proudly serve the surrounding area. Contact us today to find your business’s new home!

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