Tips for Selling Commercial Real Estate

No matter how much planning and foresight you put into purchasing your first commercial property, it isn’t likely that your business will stay there forever. Just as most people don’t find the perfect home on the first try, your property may be right for your business right now, but needs change over time, especially as businesses grow. If you find that your current space is no longer suitable to what your business needs, then it might be time to sell and find a new place where your business can flourish. If the process seems daunting, the team at NAI Isaac is here to provide you with tips for selling commercial real estate in the Lexington, KY area.

Tip #1- Invest to Sell

Just as your home has likely seen better days than when you first bought it, your business’s commercial space likely looks less pristine than it did the day you moved your operations in. To make your commercial space extra appealing to new buyers, you may need to actually invest more money into the space to show off the qualities that made it such a great choice for your business. Refreshing the paint, floors, fixtures, or other amenities may ultimately allow you to sell your space easier, and for a higher price point. As they say, you have to spend money to make money. Keep reading to learn more tips for selling commercial real estate!

Tip #2- First Impressions Are Everything

When you are looking to find new clients, wow potential investors, or do whatever it is that makes your business great, you always strive to look your best so that your initial first impression sparks interest in your business. Think of your commercial space’s front as what it would wear to a job interview: Does it look professional, appealing, and like something potential buyers could see themselves using? Just as you wouldn’t show up to an important meeting in sweatpants, you want to make sure that the view of your commercial space from the street is putting its absolute best foot forward. When it comes to tips for selling commercial real estate, this point cannot be overstated.

Tip #3- Take Expert Advice

While taking a vested interest in selling your commercial property is just as important as being aware of buying new commercial property, you likely have other things on your plate that prevent you from being able to work on selling your property full-time. Luckily, here at NAI Isaac, we do have the time, as well as the knowledge base and staff, to give your space the attention it deserves so that you can sell it and move into a new space as soon as a possible. Our staff has the tips to sell commercial property that make us experts in our field, so you can allow us to put in the leg work on selling your space so that you can focus on keeping your business running.
To learn more tips for selling commercial real estate, contact NAI Isaac today! We are conveniently located in Lexington, KY, but we also proudly serve the surrounding area.

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