Industrial Real Estate Trends to Watch this Year

June 01, 2017

Everyone knows that the real estate market is both competitive and unpredictable, with its frequent highs and lows that can either make or break a future purchase. Although most view the real estate market in association with more private properties, the same curvatures can be said of industrial real estate properties. When it comes to deciding whether or not to invest in a commercial property, it is important to be aware of the trends in the market for the upcoming year. Keep reading below to brush up on this year’s trends in industrial real estate.


The specific location of commercial real estate is key in both the price of the property and the future success of your industry. Location is most likely the most important factor in making a financial decision for obtaining property. Some may believe that it is crucial to buy in an already, well established location while other business thrive in settings that are still continuing to grow and develop. If you are an industry that frequently distributes product or labor, then acquiring a location close to major roadways and public transportation is an aspect that you will need to look for when surveying possible land. There is much competition throughout the labor market so it is advantageous to make real estate decisions based upon location aspects conducive to the success of your company or business.


The exchange of business transactions through digital means has grown at such a rate that it almost rivals that of its traditional counterpart. Therefore, a major concern of an industry’s real estate investment is the role that the Internet can play in enhancing their success. Similarly, the primary use of the Internet is to conduct business online and distribute product to consumers not likely to purchase because of physical boundaries. Therefore, it is smart to review where your highest population of customers are located and be in somewhat close proximity to ensure quick deliveries. Similarly, security for both your digital and physical spaces is important, although often viewed as an afterthought to purchasing a property. Check out other venues in the same area and their security methods to see if whether or not the security measures you will have to go to for a certain location is more money than it is worth.


Although they are minor in comparison to other aspects, the aesthetics of a location and space are important, both to consumers and the laborers. There are many trends that prove to be successful and could influence your decision in industrial real estate. For example, higher ceilings are considered to be more sophisticated and modern, along with maximizing efforts. Many new locations that are currently being built to include higher ceilings but if this is a luxury that you desire and it is not included in the property, then you will need to decide if the costs of expanding such are worth it.

Commercial or industrial real estate is thought to expand significantly within the next year and flourish even more in the years to come. If you have any further questions in regards to industrial real estate then be sure to contact NAI Isaac for real estate and advisory services. We are located in Lexington, KY and serve the surrounding area.

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