How to Promote Commercial Real Estate Spaces

In this article, NAI Isaac – conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky (KY) – is here to provide you with information on how to promote commercial real estate spaces. Contact us today for all of your commercial real estate needs.

Marketing efforts for commercial real estate are essential to reach prospective clients. There are numerous avenues you can pursue to gain the most exposure for your property. These practices will give your listings an edge on the market.

The quickest method to make the details about your listing available is to build an online listing. You can use your company website, a personal blog or website, or a single property website, to host the page. While other sites can be used, the most beneficial to use is your own real estate website. This allows visitors access to other online channels of your company. Using your company or personal real estate website will give you the ability to utilize Google Analytics. You would be able to track the total amount of views for the listing, where the views are originating, the time they spend browsing the listing, and a number of other useful metrics.

Targeted email marketing campaigns will help you reach prospective clients. It also is a cost effective approach that is highly successful. This allows you to engage them in conversations, and can lead to a deal. You can promote your listings to the internally created database of principals and brokers you already have. Building a catalogue of potential prospects to send your email communications is the most important marketing activity you can do. This will help to fuel your leasing or sales efforts. Countless commercial real estate spaces are first discovered through email blasts and are ultimately sold by using this tactic. This is a common practice in the industry due to how effective it is.

Visuals are a key component to a listing, and you can use a video to properly showcase the space. Videos add dimension to the details and allow people to explore the property through their computer screen. The viewer gets to feel like they are on a property tour from the convenience of their home or office. The video footage also provides depth, so people can get a better sense of the size of the place. You can host the videos on your website with the listing or use YouTube. You can simply add a link on the listing to redirect people to the YouTube video. The link can also be spread through your company’s social media. You can choose to use both hosting choices to ensure additional exposure.

Social media advertising is a strategy to increase awareness and traffic by means of a performance-based campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. These platforms allow you to select when, who, and where your commercial real estate ads are displayed. This laser-targeted promotion can ensure you reach the right people you want to.

Hiring a professional is the perfect way to promote your commercial real estate, especially if you don’t know where to start. NAI Isaac is a commercial real estate firm and property management company. We offer a number of services including leasing services, acquisition and disposition, tenant and landlord representation, and property investment services. We have extensive experience and offer exceptional quality of services in order to deliver results for clients. We are located in Lexington, KY to provide our real estate services to the surrounding area. Call us today.

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