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One of the most important aspects of commercial real estate is knowledge of marketing. It is not enough to have an agent who is knowledgeable about commercial real estate, but they must also know how to get qualified, interested prospects in touch with your property every day. NAI Isaac’s agents, along with our in-house Assistant Vice President of Property Marketing, are experienced in marketing commercial real estate by communicating more value to prospects. We focus on selling/leasing your property… by knowing how to get clients.

Marketing commercial property for sale or lease can be complex and time consuming. Finding the right advertising mediums and establishing a thorough advertising budget can have a significant impact on the turnover time of your property. NAI Isaac thoroughly evaluates each individual property and our client’s objective to determine the appropriate marketing avenues and specific budget requirements that best fit their property.

A comprehensive marketing plan, customized to our client’s specific needs, enables NAI Isaac to accurately and knowledgeably represent your property, evaluate the current market conditions, reach the target audience, and achieve your objective…resulting in the sale/lease of your commercial real estate property.

  • Establish a Marketing Budget
  • Implement a Marketing Approach
  • Launch Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Identify Target Prospects
  • Utilize Network & Cooperation

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