Areas to Rent the Best Retail Locations

Modern shoppers have developed a reluctance to allocate time to one activity, but rather prefer to diversify their excursion. This recent trend has shown that people prefer to make a day of their outing by not only shopping but enjoying the entertainment options surrounding the retail center. People prefer an overall experience rather than simply shopping. Stores are found to benefit by being near restaurants, and other sources of amusement. Location is fundamental for retailers to draw in customers during this era dominated by online shopping. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when finding the best retail locations for rent in Lexington, KY.

The Summit at Fritz Farm

When finding the best retail locations for rent in Lexington, KY, the Summit at Fritz Farm is a recent addition to consider. This shopping center was designed to provide a unique style of shopping for the area. Situated in a quaint but upscale area, there is a plethora of stores including national brands and local boutiques. In addition to the retail offerings, there are both chain restaurants and local eateries available nearby for shoppers. The assorted offerings of the retail center are able to attract consumers of all ages and demographics, leading to higher foot traffic. Another element that contributes to the success of the Summit at Fritz Farm is the adjacent apartments that allow shoppers to easily travel to the shops. Accessibility is a huge motivator for people.

Lexington Green

The Mall at Lexington Green is a shopping complex that has a variety of establishments, such as the two-story Joseph-Beth Booksellers. This location combines several storefronts with the shared space of typical malls. Surrounding Lexington Green is a series of hotels and movie theaters. The close proximity to customers and entertainment options are factors that help to bring in customers. As a bonus, the shopping destination is located next to a man-made lake which provides a picturesque view, heightening the overall experience.

Fayette Mall

The Fayette Mall is another retail venue that is popular in Lexington due to the wide assortment of shops. It is the second largest mall in the state, and as such it carries brands that appeal to everyone. The mall is even taken efforts to keep customers walking in the doors, like pop-up shops. There have also been more retail tenants and restaurants that are more aligned with what shoppers want.

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